French cooking...made easy!

Spend less than 20 minutes a month learning how to create high-quality meals with fresh ingredients for you and your family. Through simple French techniques and timeless recipes, you’ll become a sensational cook while having fun with fellow Francophiles and foodies alike!

From uninspired suppers and boxed foods to sensational meals your family will love

① Step into the world of French cuisine and pastry, familiarizing yourself with French ingredients, staples, and go-to techniques for simple yet satisfying meals
② Inspire greater creativity in your cooking & baking by learning the importance of good ingredients and the synergy between them to produce evocative dishes
③ Boost your confidence and improve your technical skills as you begin expanding your culinary repertoire and work in the kitchen with greater ease
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④ Be rewarded with an improved sense of wellness & your loved ones’ happy faces as you create mouthwatering meals and  desserts from scratch
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What if you could...

Ditch the boxed foods and routine recipes in favor of making inspired meals with greater ease and fresh ingredients?


the French culinary experience

Bring the essence of France to your table. Cook and bake gourmet foods that nourish and delight your palate through streamlined recipes and French techniques you can use when you’re making any type of food. 

It's so much more than just recipes...

Unlike a recipe site, the membership is here to provide you step-by-step video tutorials as well as all the little tricks and tips you need to make your life in the kitchen EASIER and TASTIER! Here’s what you’ll get:


Popular E-Cookbooks

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Get our 4 most popular eCookbooks filled with seasonal recipes and French favorites!

Croissant class

A step-by-step bonus class teaching you how to make croissants and pain au chocolat from start to finish!

market guide

A helpful market list sharing what produce is available by season.

Candace Love

Candace L.

“I just wanted you to know how happy I am that I signed up for The French Culinary Experience (FCE). I never cooked and ate out 90% of the time, mostly at salad bars. Of course, at the time I didn’t have time to cook.

I was working as Nurse Practitioner seeing 125 patients a week. Who can cook working like I did. Since I retired, I have enjoyed cooking my dinner.

I love soups and have made the butternut squash and french onion soup numerous times since your demonstration. I find myself smiling as I dice an onion. When I told my friends I am taking a cooking class they said I wouldn’t dare eat your cooking!

Now they have asked me to make them marmalade, butternut squash soup, ricotta lemon cake, ricotta, and bread. One friend told me, you are ruining your reputation when you post the facebook pictures of the food you cook and bake. Remember she said, you can’t cook! However, I always wanted to bake and now I can.

Thank you.”

you wish you could...

and you can!

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Marina B.

Marina B.

“I first came into contact with you through your blog. I think I came across a link to one of your recipes on Pinterest, and immediately fell in love with Mon Petit Four. The blog led me to your Instagram account and Facebook groups, which I happily joined. I truly enjoy all of the content you put out, and I particularly enjoyed your recipe videos.

While I am a full time attorney, wife, and mother, I love cooking and baking. Making dinner or baking something actually relaxes me after a day in the office or at the courthouse. Your recipes always have tips and tricks to give me the best results.

Just last night I watched the molten chocolate cake video, and learned your egg whisking trick! That is what I love about the membership– it’s not just recipes, it’s also the videos and the little tips that make a big difference. Thanks to the membership I’m finally going to try baking bread for the first time – I’ve always been far too intimidated, but your step-by-step guides make me believe that I can do it!

There are plenty of members that make every recipe right immediately after posting to fantastic results, but it’s a membership, not a competition! We all have phases in life, and sometimes I have a lot of time to cook and bake, and sometimes I don’t. The recipes and videos are always available, they aren’t assignments, and no one is going to kick me out of the membership if I bake bread in February instead of January. It’s about the knowledge and I believe being in the kitchen should be joyful.

The most surprising part of the membership for me has been the sense of community. I love seeing pictures of what other members make, and because it’s so small it’s a safe, happy corner of the internet! Seeing what other members do with the recipes is part of the fun!

I was initially hesitant to join the membership because I don’t have a lot of time to tackle big baking projects these days, but the membership is so much more than that. It’s cooking, it’s baking, it’s tips and tricks, and it’s community. It is 100% worth the money and I’m so grateful to you for creating it!”

Join the exclusive group of FCE members

Pricing offer

$28 a month


$288 a year

joining the membership

Bonjour! I’m Beeta

As a Francophile, I find the whole French motto of good food, good wine, and good company to be a sort of life philosophy that I adamantly adhere to. Roast chicken seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and herbs de provence…stone fruit caramelized in a cast iron skillet and flipped over a bed of pastry…or slow-fermented dough kneaded into a crusty, airy boule….these are just a few of my favorite things about French cuisine and pastry.

After creating my popular French food blog and seeing just how many other Francophiles out there share my love of French cuisine and pastry, I was inspired to delve deeper into the world of French cooking and baking through an online membership.

The French Culinary Experience is a continuous opportunity to learn, share, and invoke the spirit of French gastronomy right here at home in your own kitchen. At the heart of this community lies a love for France and great food. It’s my goal to not only share my insights into French cuisine and pastry, but provide you the know-how and techniques to make any meal fantastic, including those on-the-fly, what’s-in-the-fridge meals!

Stan Long

Stan L.

“The French Culinary Experience has been a life changing experience. I am a retiree, who had two objectives: 1. Add some variety to the meals I prepared for my, still working, wife; and 2. Provide additional subjects for my food photography hobby.

The French Culinary Experience helped me meet both objectives.
Prior to enrolling in the course, I was very comfortable with several European and Asian cuisines, but had steadfastly avoided French cuisine. I thought it too delicate, too difficult, too demanding, etc. This course completely eliminated all of my misconceptions and apprehensions.

The monthly recipes and bonus materials are presented in an easy to understand, engaging manner by an instructor who takes a very sincere interest in her students and our success. We have 24/7 access to lesson videos and recipes that we can prepare in our own kitchens, on our schedule, at our own pace.

For me personally, this course has been an enabler. A few short months ago, my experience with French cooking did not extend much beyond French Toast. I can now, with the utmost confidence, prepare several complete French meals, including appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, and desserts.

Thanks, to the French Culinary Experience, I can provide my wife, with restaurant quality French food, in the comfort of her own home. And as for my food photography hobby, in my humble opinion, it has reached new heights.

I highly recommend the French Culinary Experience, it will change your life. Un grand merci à vous Beeta, you have changed our lives.”


“What if I’m not a practiced cook or baker?”

Pas de problème! Aka that’s totally okay! We cover culinary basics in this membership and make sure the video lessons offer step-by-step visual instructions so that you can follow along no matter where you are on your culinary journey.

“I haven’t had a great track record in the kitchen; can I really do this?”
If you haven’t cooked or baked a lot in the past, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or intimidated, but we’ve all had to start somewhere. If you put your faith in me, I promise you that you can do this and that I’ll be here to help you improve your culinary skills every step of the way.
“What if I don’t have a lot of time?”

Unlike most culinary classes, you can watch the video lessons shared inside the membership whenever you want, at your own pace. We also make a conscious effort of making the video lessons thorough yet concise and to the point, with monthly lessons being 10 minutes or under. 

“What if I need to cancel my membership?”
We believe in happy members and we also understand that sometimes life can get crazy. That’s why we offer an easy exit guarantee. Just email us to let us know you need to leave the membership and we will process your cancellation.

If you are unhappy with our service or wish to leave the membership, you may cancel at anytime. Simply contact us to process your membership cancellation.*

*Please note that if you have already been billed for the month, then your cancellation will be processed for the following month.

Join the membership and get the results you’re proud of…way faster!

value stack-up

Monthly Video Lessons – $150

Receive two step-by-step video tutorials on how to make a French meal or pastry and follow along in the comfort of your own home

Weekly Live Demo + Q&A - $100

A weekly live demo or bonus recipe that supplements the monthly lessons and gives you a chance to ask questions so that you have the support you need

Access to All Previous Monthly Lessons - $150 for each month

When you join, you’ll have immediate access to all the previous monthly lessons in the video library for you to watch anytime you want.

Access to the Private and Exclusive French Culinary Experience Facebook Group – Priceless!

Connect with a group of fellow Francophiles and home chefs inside a warm and creative community, plus you’ll get to participate in the chance to win fun rewards and prizes

Bonus #1: A Total of 4 Most Popular French eCookbooks - $40

Get “Easy Dinners for Fall” + “French Recipes for the Holidays” + “The French Baking Class” + “10 French Foods that Are Easier to Make Than You Think”

Bonus #2: Croissant Class - $75

Receive a step-by-step video tutorial teaching you how to make croissants and pain au chocolat from start to finish.

Bonus #3: Market Guide - $10

Receive 4 market lists, organized by season, sharing which fruits and vegetables are available and best for purchase

Total Value: $525

But you get it for $28/month!
$288/year (a yearly savings of $48)

Here are some snapshots from our amazing FCE members:

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