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Learn how to create insanely delicious food through simple French techniques and timeless recipes while having fun with fellow foodies!

French Food Simplified ✓

From the sensational bistro meals to the stunning pastries, French food can look complex and out of reach, like something you could only enjoy at that fancy French restaurant in town. But what if I told you that you could easily make mouthwatering French food right at home without any culinary degrees or professional experience?


Everyday France

Bring the spirit of French cuisine right into your home, wherever you live. Learn how to cook gourmet French meals and pastries in an easy-to-follow format and enjoy them in your everyday life alongside an inspiring community of fellow home chefs! 

Unlike a recipe site or cookbook, the Everyday France membership goes further to provide you clear, step-by-step video tutorials that showcase all the little tricks and tips so you can churn out sensational meals just like a French chef!

Let's Bring France to Your Table

french market tote with flowers and baguettes

Here's what our members have to say:


Patti Pedroli:

"I am so happy that I joined Everyday France! I have learned so much about French culture and French food...oh the food!!! The sense of community is very nice. We cheer each other on. I learned that cooking French dishes is not as intimidating as I once thought. I now cook more often and I love that!"
Bernice Brown
- Member since Nov. 2019
"I discovered Everyday France late last year and immediately requested to join the waitlist. When the opportunity came, I did not hesitate to sign up and have not had a moment of regret. Bringing a bit of France into our every day, wherever in the world you may be, and the most wonderful and warm Beeta not only teaches how to combat the challenges of French cooking, she has created a community of friends. The Everyday France community is so much more than a group of amazing cooks (well amazing now that we’ve been taught how), but a melting pot of amazing friends who, even though we are far apart, we are closely knit by the love and support offered from each other. Please join me and my Everyday France family as we live in English but dream daily in French."
Dee Doars
- Member since Feb. 2020
"I am so excited to be a part of this amazing group. Beeta, and all of the members are so supportive, inspiring and kind. I am always anxiously awaiting to see what is coming next."
Pam Abshere Stoliker
- Member since Nov. 2019

From uninspired dinners to mouthwatering meals your family will love

① Learn the basics of French cuisine and pastry, including classic techniques, culinary staples, and easy tricks for simple yet satisfying meals

② Increase your creativity in the kitchen by learning how to use a variety of ingredients to create restaurant-worthy dishes

③ Boost your confidence and technical skills, moving through the kitchen with greater ease and efficiency as you prepare multiple courses for everyday meals and entertaining
④ Experience an improved sense of wellness in your health and daily life as you cook at home more with quality ingredients and spend more time around the table with family & friends



you'll also get these amazing bonuses!

When you sign up, you’ll also be getting all of these awesome bonuses included in your membership!

Mon Petit Four®

ecoobook array

Get our 4 most popular eCookbooks filled with seasonal recipes and French favorites!

École de Boulangerie:
Croissants Class

A step-by-step bonus class teaching you how to make croissants and pain au chocolat from start to finish!

Everyday France
Market Guides

A helpful market list sharing what produce is available by season.

Here's what our members have to say:


Sally Rathbun:

“While I am a full time attorney, wife, and mother, I love cooking and baking. Making dinner or baking something actually relaxes me after a day in the office or at the courthouse. Your recipes always have tips and tricks to give me the best results...That is what I love about the membership– it’s not just recipes, it’s also the videos and the little tips that make a big difference...The most surprising part of the membership for me has been the sense of community. I love seeing pictures of what other members make, and because it’s so small it’s a safe, happy corner of the internet!...It is 100% worth the money and I’m so grateful to you for creating it!”
Marina B.
Marina Lamkey Bell
- Member since Nov. 2019
"I just wanted you to know how happy I am that I signed up for Everyday France. I never cooked and ate out 90% of the time, mostly at salad, [my friends] have asked me to make them marmalade, butternut squash soup, ricotta lemon cake, bread...I greatly appreciate you because I never had such joy being in my kitchen. I am so glad I met you !!! You have been such an inspiration to me !!!"
Candace Love
Candace Love
- Member since Nov. 2019
"Everyday France has been a life changing experience...The monthly recipes and bonus materials are presented in an easy to understand, engaging manner by an instructor who takes a very sincere interest in her students and our success...I can now, with the utmost confidence, prepare several complete French meals, including appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, and desserts. Thanks to Everyday France I can provide my wife with restaurant quality French food, in the comfort of her own home."
Stan Long
Stan Long
- Member since Nov. 2019

Bonjour! I’m Beeta

As a Francophile, I find the whole French motto of good food, good wine, and good company to be a sort of life philosophy that I adamantly adhere to. Roast chicken seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and herbs de provence…stone fruit caramelized in a cast iron skillet and flipped over a bed of pastry…or slow-fermented dough kneaded into a crusty, airy boule….these are just a few of my favorite things about French cuisine and pastry.

After creating my popular French food blog and seeing just how many other Francophiles out there share my love of French food and France, I was inspired to delve deeper into the topic through an online culinary membership.

Everyday France is a continuous opportunity to learn, share, and invoke the spirit of French cooking wherever you live. At the heart of this community lies a love for creating good food and using it to live our best lives. It’s my goal to not only share my insights and knowledge about French cuisine and pastry, but provide you the practical techniques and skills you need to make any meal at your table absolutely shine. 

Pricing offer

$32 a month


$336 a year

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An Invitation to Our Retreat in Paris!

Picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower

Members of Everyday France receive an invitation to our exclusive retreat in Paris! Join us for a trip to the City of Lights, where we’ll cook, eat, picnic, and explore with good friends, good wine, and the effervescent magic of the city. This retreat is exclusively for members of Everyday France and is not open to the general public.


The 2021 Paris Retreat has been tentatively planned for September 29th through October 3rd, assuming COVID travel restrictions will be lifted. Ticket pricing to be announced soon.



Pas de problème! aka that’s totally okay! We cover culinary basics in this membership and make sure the video lessons offer step-by-step visual instructions so that you can follow along no matter where you are on your culinary journey.

We understand how crazy life can get, which is why we ensure our membership offers flexibility and on demand content so that you can watch the videos or access the materials inside the membership whenever you want it or need it. Don’t have time one week? That’s okay, the content will be there for you during the entire duration of your active membership.

It’s never easy to see one of our friends go, but we completely understand that life circumstances can change and may require you to leave the membership. This is why we offer an easy cancellation policy. Simply notify us before your next billing statement, and we will cancel your membership so that you do not receive another invoice. 

The Paris retreat is only available by invitation to active members of Everyday France. If you cancel your membership, you will be forfeiting your invitation to the retreat as well. 

We highly recommend that members have a Facebook account at this time so that they can be an active member of the community and be able to participate for prizes. However, all of the cooking lessons and materials that are shared will also be available inside the membership site, so Facebook access is not a requirement to access those.

picnic of croissants and berries

If you are unhappy with our service or wish to leave the membership, you may cancel at anytime. Simply contact us to process your membership cancellation.*

*Please note that if you have already been billed for the month, then your cancellation will be processed for the following month.

Here's what our members have to say:


Kay Crocker

Ready to create sensational French food?

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:


Receive two step-by-step video tutorials on how to make a savory recipe and a bread/pastry recipe, and follow along in the comfort of your own home.


Receive an accompanying recipe card to print or save for each video lesson that you are provided.


When you join, you’ll have immediate access to all the previous monthly lessons and recipe cards in the membership library for you to watch anytime you want.


Connect with a group of fellow Francophiles and participate in weekly wine chats, book club, and fun challenges where you can win prizes!


Get our most popular eCookbooks when you join: “Easy Dinners for Fall” + “French Recipes for the Holidays” + “The French Baking Class” + “10 French Foods that Are Easier to Make Than You Think.”


Receive access to our fan-favorite “Virtual Trip to Paris” croissant class when you join.


Receive 4 market lists, organized by season, sharing which fruits and vegetables are available and best for purchase.

You can join us and receive all of these for just:



$336/year (a yearly savings of $48)

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